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At Aviva we believe there is no greater insurance in the world than a good education. Education is the bridge between your child’s dreams and reality. This journey has many milestones -schooling years leading up to Board exams, entrance exams, college years and professional courses. Each of the milestones has a cost attached to it right from extra coaching for Boards to reference material for entrance exams to admission fee for a professional course.
Now guarantee funds for each of these milestones with Aviva Young Scholar Secure and provide your child the best education. With Aviva Young Scholar Secure you can plan your savings and payouts for your child’s education in a manner that match the child’s educational journey.

· Entry age: Parent: 21-50 years and Child: 0-12 years (last birthday)
· Policy term: 21 minus age at entry of the child
  • Premium payment term: For entry age 0-8 years of child – 13 minus age of child
 For entry age 9-12 years of child: Fixed 5 years
· Premium Payment Frequency: Yearly, Half-yearly and Monthly
· Annual Premium: Silver – Rs 25,000; Gold – Rs 50,000; Diamond– Rs 100,000;
Platinum (5 options) – Rs 200,000/400,000/600,000/800,000 or 10,00,000
* Service tax as applicable from time to time will be payable separately
· Sum Assured: Based on age of the parent, age of the child and premium option
· Riders Available: Aviva Term Plus rider 

Death Benefit:
Upon death, Life cover is paid to the nominee (beneficiary) and the policy continues with all benefits intact. Any installment already paid by us will not be deducted from the death benefit.
All future installments of Tuition Fee Support, College Admission Fund & Higher Education Reserve will be paid on the scheduled dates
Additional benefits as detailed below will also be paid if the corresponding riders are opted for:
– Aviva Term plus rider Sum Assured is also payable on death if this rider has been opted for
The said benefits are applicable only if the policy is inforce as on date of eventuality.
Guaranteed Education Support Benefit:
This plan provides guaranteed Tuition fee support, College Admission Fund and Higher Education Reserve irrespective of you being there or not. Please click here for further details on payout pattern.
If you would like to understand the benefits using an Illustration please click here

Tax Benefit:
Tax benefits will be as per section 80C and 10(10(D) of Income Tax Act, 1961. Tax benefits as per the prevailing tax laws are applicable and are subject to change from time to time.
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Please get your personalized illustration: http://www.six-steps.in/webpqis/AvivaYoungScholarSecure.aspx
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